Children’s hospitals across the state of Georgia collaborating together with hospital system leaders.

The Pediatric Healthcare Improvement Coalition of Georgia, Inc. (PHIC), a collaboration between Georgia’s pediatric hospital systems, is a unique partnership that strives to advance healthcare of children in Georgia.

PHIC is a statewide endeavor, with a comprehensive statewide focus with the children’s hospitals which include:

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Wellstar Children's Hospital
Piedmont Columbus Regional Bill and Olivia Amos Children's Hospital
Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children's Hospital of Savannah
Beverly Knight Olson Children's Hospital - Atrium Health Navicent
Board of Directors

PHIC is governed by a 15 member board of directors that is geographically representative of hospital system leadership within the pediatric hospital systems.

Barbara Menchan, MD

Chairperson; Community member at large

Valera Hudson
Valera Hudson, MD

Vice-Chairperson; Augusta

Dan Salinas, MD

Past-Vice-Chairperson; Atlanta

Kathryn Cheek, MD

Past Chairperson; Columbus

Natalie Lane, MD

Chief Medical Officer; Augusta

Michael Bossak, MD


Brad Buckler, MD


Will Cagle, MD


Edward Clark, MD


Matt Linam, MD


Heather Newsome


Rebecca Reamy, MD


Mitch Rodriguez, MD


Cary Burcham; Columbus
Cary Burcham


Jim Fortenberry, MD
Jim Fortenberry, MD


Andrew Dodgen

MD from Columbus

Pamela Mason

Executive Director

Diana Sutton, RN


PHIC’s main goal is to ensure that the five children’s hospitals in the State of Georgia provide the best possible care for all children in the state. Our efforts include improving the care, safety and sense of comfort of children and families in our hospitals and improving the hospital related activities and services. Related activities include things such as advocating for children in disaster plans, ensuring that medical transport teams understand the unique needs of children, and facilitating the ongoing care of children in our communities by working with physicians, schools & school nurses, and state agencies. Through all of these efforts PHIC’s over riding goal is for all children to be as healthy, happy and productive as they possibly can be!