August 15, 2015

Going Above and Beyond for Children

The introduction of the Pediatric Healthcare Improvement Coalition of Georgia, Inc. (PHIC), which began in 2010, brings together specialists and generalists, in addition to hospital systems from across Georgia. Driven by physician leadership, our organization is helping to define and build pediatric care and access standards that are applied throughout the state.

PHIC is working to realize a new vision to transform care for Georgia’s pediatric population. By uniting pediatric hospitals from across the state, PHIC strives to create a new model that improves quality, manages costs and improves delivery effectiveness to improve children’s access to pediatric care.

Prior to 2013, PHIC released three proposals to improve pediatric healthcare:

  • Managing the health of Georgia’s foster children
  • Changing Department of Community Health (DCH) and care management organization (CMO) contracts to promote administrative simplification and improve access
  • Incorporating value-based purchasing (VBP) into the state’s Medicaid system