Quality Improvement Committee

Quality Improvement Committee Membership

  • Will Cagle, MD; Chair, Augusta
  • Collin Dubick, MD; Macon
  • Kathryn Cheek, MD; Columbus
  • Natalie Lane, MD; Augusta
  • David Levine, MD; Augusta
  • Matt Linam, MD; Atlanta
  • Barbara Menchan, MD; Columbus
  • Andrew Dodgen, MD; Columbus
  • Jim Fortenberry, MD; Atlanta
  • Cary Burcham, RN; Columbus
  • Brad Weselman, MD; Atlanta

Quality Improvement Goals

Goal DescriptionGoal Objectives
  • Continue with the Antibiogram Project
  • Engage the microbiology leaders at each PHIC Hospital for 2022 data
  • Annual completion data analysis with statistician
  • Fully operational website
  • Develop one QI project
  • Publish manuscript on project
  • Engage the PHIC Communication Committee to notify physicians of tool availability and applicability
  • PHIC Quality Improvement Data Sharing
  • Collect hospital data from each PHIC hospital
    • 2018-2022
    • Data includes SSE, UPE, CLABSI, HAPI, and ADE
  • Analyze hospital data and identify one QI project
Quality Improvement Committee Access