We engage with hospital administrators and physicians in today's pediatric hospital / health systems throughout the state of Georgia.

PHIC is not just about fundraising, it’s not just about children’s hospitals, and it’s not about any one entity. The end goal is that PHIC is about improving the quality of care and the accessibility to care for all of Georgia’s population, especially children who need it most. At the end of the day, we need support from providers who share our vision and our passion so that the “winner” is the entire state of Georgia’s population.  

We’re looking to create a partnership and a coalition so that we can build an atmosphere where you are able to share in what other doctors are doing. This collaboration will enable you and empower you to deliver the best care possible to anyone you are tasked with caring for.

We’re actively looking for passionate healthcare professionals who are motivated to join us as a committee member.

2017 Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Advocacy
  • All focus areas supported by communication network

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