We are unifying the children's hospital community in Georgia to raise the standard of care.

It’s important to understand the pediatric healthcare landscape in Georgia requires that providers and patients have equal stake in access to the right care, at the right time, in the right location.

PHIC brings resources to the table that help to enact change, mobilize resources and to make a difference for future generations of Georgia citizens. We are a powerful force that is able to get results because of the fact that we enable collaboration between children’s hopsitals, as well as help to overcome access to care across all geographical boundaries.

We seek a network of advocates, in different communities across Georgia, which exist to generate support for pediatric healthcare. We yearn for passionate individuals who desire improved pediatric outcomes, and who are willing to be vocal advocates on behalf of PHIC. 

We are hospitals. We are not providers. We are not any one thing. What we are is a coalition that desire to represent everyone related to providing care to children. But we cannot do this alone; we need your help in speaking out to raise awareness for our cause.

We’re more than a network, we’re a collaborative resource.

We don’t care who gets the credit for anything. We care about improving lives.