Emergency Preparedness Committee

Emergency Preparedness Committee Membership

  • Natalie Lane, MD; Chair, Augusta
  • Cheryl Walls-Benner; Atlanta
  • Amina Bhatia, MD; Atlanta
  • Brad Buckler, Savannah
  • Norma Campbell, DPH
  • Kevin Chatham-Stephens, MD; Macon
  • Rebecca Cogburn, Macon
  • Adrianne Feinberg, GHA
  • Karen Hill, Atlanta
  • Kristin Hinton, Columbus
  • Amanda Grindle, Atlanta
  • Lisa Koons, Savannah
  • Bryon Mainor, MD; Savannah
  • Kristopher Mattson, Atlanta
  • Lynne Meadows, Fulton County Schools
  • Mark Muma, Atlanta
  • Rebecca Reamy, MD; Columbus
  • Rana Roberts, Atlanta
  • Brent Smith, MD; Columbus
  • Christopher Watson, Augusta

Emergency Preparedness Goals

  • Continue to use the Everbridge as a mode of communication among the PHIC EP Committee members and conduct two (2) tests in 2020
  • Continue to identify a pediatric champion at the level of each of the 15 healthcare coalitions in Georgia
  • Continue to incorporate the use of GaHIN in any upcoming drills and consider how to dissseminate across the state
  • Develop a disaster preparedness module for the medically complex children with special needs to be championed by each children’s hopsital or pediatric office. Partner with GAAAP for development.
  • Engage PHIC and its member hospitals in supporting the pediatric hospital designation formed through Georgia EMS-C and member organizations across the state
  • Recruit neonatologist to join Committee
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