Communication Committee

Communication Committee Membership

  • Kathryn Cheek, MD; Chair, Columbus
  • Natalie Lane, MD; Augusta
  • Barbara Menchan, MD; Columbus
  • Jeffeory White, MD; Dalton

Sub Committee Membership

  • Theresia Edgar, GaHIN
  • Denise Hines, GaHIN
  • Catherine Ivy, DCH
  • Pam Matthews, GaHIN
  • Shane Savage, MD; Amerigroup

Communication Committee Goals

Goal DescriptionGoal Objectives
– Participation with Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) to increase access to data by physicians with data quality and consistency– Education planning to ensure knowledge of providers of how to use GaHIN
– Advocate for patient confidentiality for adolescents
– Implementation of CARES Act
– Improvement on “PHIC Top Priorities” list
– Expand the ADT alerts
– Continue Cross-over Sessions
– Assist in the development/dissemination of an improvement plan to educate providers regarding the responsibilities of the first physician to see an Amerigroup/foster care patient to ensure proper care going forward for the patient– Partner with state health groups
– Department of Public Health
– Department of Community Health
– Add a Foster Parent/Family to the Committee on an ad hoc basis as an advisor (as we get further along)
– National Speaker by Virtual Webinar at Committee Meetings
– Collaborate with Quality Improvement Committee to disseminate the Antibiogram results throughout the state. – Monthly presentation at committee meetings
– Disseminate information to pediatricians statewide
Communication Committee Access