Communication Committee

Communication Committee Membership

  • Kathryn Cheek, MD; Chair, Columbus
  • Brad Buckler, MD; Savannah
  • Tara Cramer, GRAChIE
  • Woody Dahmer, DCH
  • Brian Dowd, DCH
  • Katherine Duncan, MD: Macon
  • Jack Eichenberger, MD; Augusta
  • Denise Hines, GaHIN
  • Joseph Hood, DCH
  • Amin Holmes, GaHIN
  • Catherine Ivy, DCH
  • Patricia Lantis, MD; GAAAP
  • Pam Matthews, GaHIN
  • Candance Morgan, DCH
  • Nancy Nydam, DPH
  • Olugbemiga Osoba, MD; Amerigroup
  • Terry Parish, Columbus
  • Jeffeory White, MD; Dalton

Communication Goals

  • Continue greater participation with GEorgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) to increase access to data by physicians with data quality and consistency.
    • Improvement on “PHIC Top Priorities” list
    • Engagement with Clinical Committee
    • Expand the ADT alerts
    • Continue cross-over sessions
  • Continue greater participation with Department of Public Health
  • Share PHIC top priorities with the Care Management Organizations (CMO)
  • Host an in-person committee in 2020 with possibility of national speaker
  • Devise education plan to ensure knowledge of providers of how to use GaHIN, Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange (GRAChIE), and Georgia Medicaid Management Information System (GAMMIS)
  • Assist in the development / dissemination of an improvement plan to education providers regarding the responsibilities of the first physician to see an Amerigroup / foster care patient to ensure proper care going forward for the patient
  • Assist PHIC Quality Improvement Committee with information sharing such as the Antibiogram Project
Communication Committee Access