Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Committee Membership

  • Valera Hudson, MD; Chair, Augusta
  • Barbara Brown, MD; Columbus
  • Matt Levy, MD; Atlanta
  • Rebecca Reamy, MD; Columbus
  • Dan Salinas, MD; Atlanta

Advocacy Sub-Committee Membership

  • Susie Buchter, MD; Emory
  • Leila Stallworth, MD; Augusta University
  • Yasmin Tyler-Hill, MD; Morehouse
  • Barry Warshaw, MD; Emory

Advocacy Goals

  • Continue collaboration with the five (5) schools of medicine in Georgia.
  • Pursue funding for project manager to provide administrative support of program development; follow up request for funding through “GREAT Committee” vs. direct funding for GME planning from Georgia Board of Healthcare Workforce vs. request for direct appropriations from legislative committee.
  • Host an in-person meeting with the Advocacy Committee and other key stakeholders tentatively for March 2020. ACGME executives will lead a brainstorming session regarding rural pediatric residency program models.
  • Begin program develop if funds are appropriated to PHIC to hire a project manager.
Advocacy Committee Access