Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Committee Membership

  • Valera Hudson, MD; Chair, Augusta
  • Kathryn Cheek, MD; Columbus
  • Natalie Lane, MD; Augusta
  • Barbara Menchan, MD; Columbus
  • Heather Newsome, MD; Savannah
  • Rebecca Reamy, MD; Columbus
  • Dan Salinas, MD; Atlanta

Advocacy Committee Goals

Goal DescriptionGoal Objectives
– Obtain grant support to implement a statewide program.

– Obtain support for a statewide program to expand access to behavioral and mental health services within the primary care medical home, in collaboration with Resilient Georgia.
– Work with Resilient Georgia to identify a grant.

– Embed mental health providers (Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Social Worker, etc.) within the pediatric medical home

– Alleviate the financial impact for practices unable to afford this on their own

– Remove barriers to access to mental health providers by placing them where children feel safe and have an established relationship

– Provide education to pediatric providers on diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health problems in children

– Support pediatric providers by offering a “warm hand off” for patients with more severe problems
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