Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Committee Membership

  • Valera Hudson, MD; Chair, Augusta
  • Kathryn Cheek, MD; Columbus
  • Natalie Lane, MD; Augusta
  • Barbara Menchan, MD; Columbus
  • Heather Newsome, MD; Savannah
  • Rebecca Reamy, MD; Columbus
  • Dan Salinas, MD; Atlanta

Advocacy Committee Goals

Goal DescriptionGoal Objectives
– Obtain grant support to implement a statewide program to provide training to enhance the skills of pediatric providers throughout GA in the behavioral and mental health care of their patients.– Continue to work with Resilient Georgia to identify grant support for REACH PPP training to provide education to pediatric providers on diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health problems in children

– Improve access to mental health care by providing care where children feel safe and have an established relationship i.e., the Medical Home
– Obtain support for a statewide program to expand access to behavioral and mental health providers within the primary care medical home– Work with Resilient GA and other state agencies and leaders to advocate for support of a model of care that embeds mental health providers (Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Social Worker, etc.) within the pediatric medical home

– Alleviate the financial impact for practices unable to afford this on their own

– Support pediatric providers by developing efficient models for referral for patients with more severe problems
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